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Extraterrestrial Mining And Refining

XR-ETMR Mission

“NASA JPL calculations for asteroids values in our SOLAR SYSTEM”



 Table of values in US$

Asteroid PSYCHE value: 10’000 q(104 $ q) are 1019 $

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“We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win, and the others, too. “ John F. Kennedy, Rice UNIVERSITY Speech, 1962.

 Trump Signs Executive Order to Mine the Moon for Minerals

The extraterrestrial resources present all around us in the
Solar system represent both a huge potential benefit and a
solution for the Future of Earth and its Citizens. At
GlycanSpaceXR we are dedicated to make this Future reality. We
have got the necessary expertise to develop the tools that are
needed. This is the goal of our Mission XR-ETMR. We develop
the Mining and Refining tools as well as we develop the
necessary strategy to outdo this challenge.

Mission XR-ETMR is complemented by our Missions XR-PP (Plasma
Physics and Chemistry), XR-SPACI (Space Industries, Large
Structures ), XR-IR (Intelligent Robotics), XR-QM (Quantum
Machines), XR-PRSE (Planetary Resources, Strategic Elements)…
This is moreover a crucial step for any future Space
Colonization, Mission XR-COL (Space Colonization).

MINING: Patent USPTO 2020 /PCT Phase 2016-2018


We have to completely reconsider the Earth-Made methods of
mining in order to apply them in the Solar System


The minerals present on the Earth are generally associated
with molecules of water and other organic radicals (water of

Chemical reactions and combinations of mineral salts is
possible because water is a thermodynamic liquid with unique
properties, even often considered as the first quantum liquid
for bio-engineering (Intronic biology).

The minerals extracted from open mines and even those from
deep mines are brought back to the surface of the earth where
gravity is g: +/- 9.81 m.s-2 . The average
terrestrial atmosphere according to the atmospheric layers,
near the soil is N2 -78% -O2- 21% and 1% composed of rare
gases Argon-Helium-others.

This geochemistry and magnetic environment has strongly
influenced the design of the tools for drilling, geophysical
exploration, excavation, and transformations of minerals into
raw materials, awaiting a refining of technical grade or pure
(natural metallic elements).

The experience on the Moon (the first step essential to
mining and extraterrestrial refining and execute the ROBOTICS
tools ), will teach us the necessary Engineering before any
Mining and Refining in Deep Space or other moons and planets
and asteroids.

The launch of missions, especially “unmanned missions”, is
currently illogical and dangerous. Moreover it is still
currently absurd to financial ROI. We have first to master the
new Engineering on the ground (laboratories of
simulation-prototypes) and especially on the Moon, natural
satellite nearest 380’000 km, which can constitute a mandatory
strategic backbone, easily reachable with spacecrafts
(possibly equipped with plasma motor engines, Mission XR-PROP
(Spacecraft Propulsion)… or other …)

On the Moon or on other celestial objects (Mars and other
Planets and their moons) the conditions are completely
different and the currently known Earth-made Mining
Engineering is not immediately applicable.

A specialized education and training will have to be provided
in some NASA-ESA- related schools. This is one of the main
purposes of the American Institute for Quantum Sciences and
Plasma Technologies- Pasadena- Non Profit Organization

On the Asteroids the situation is even more difficult because
of the very nature of the asteroids even if, classes of type
S, M, or others contain rare, valuable, strategic metals such
as lanthanides Ln3 + (rare earths) in the form of oxides or
pure metals and precious metals group PMGs , according to the
first XRF Radars or ICP-MS assessments of the analytical
content of these metals.

Direct exploitation is currently impossible for security
reasons related to the risk of modifying/splitting the geodesy
and gravitational balance of the Solar System.

Extraterrestrial Mining technologies have not yet been fully
invented or developed.

To confirm this opinion the probe launched by NASA will
recover on the asteroid BENNU 2060 g (2kg) of ore regoliths by
means of the tool TAGSAM for an investment of more than 800 MU
$ !.

Indeed the OSIRIS-REx for BENNU probe has been launched by
NASA for mainly cosmogonic goals not for preliminary mining

The adventure on orbital asteroid type BENNU or other remains
complicated and demonstrate that we must create first the
learning and strategic tools as a whole to apply them on
planets, moons and asteroids.

Although MINING and REFINING technologies are not yet fully
available or disclosed by the laboratories, GlycanSpaceXR
Agency and other entrepreneurs are willing to accept this
important challenge.

GlycanSpaceXR AGENCY has based its Mining and Refining
Extraterrestrial company on the development of plasma
technologies since 2006 (2006 and 2016 USPTO). They will be
implemented on the Moon and on the Earth’s ground (simulation
laboratories) in USA and Luxembourg, these technologies will
be naturally associated with robotic tools of new generation
type (mission XR-IR, NEURAL-ROBOTICS).

Extraterrestrial Mining and Refining will be predominantly
composed of UNMANNED Missions (XR-IR).

REFINING (Patents 2006-2016 USPTO/PCT Phase)

HELIOTORR Stations (patent writing) SOLAR SYSTEM

Materials processing

As a result of the operations of Mining it will be necessary
to carry out the operations of Extraterrestrial Refining with
stations installed on the planetary objects or the great
asteroids (or preferably asteroid belts).

In addition, the return of strategic minerals to Earth (for
refining purposes) is a high-risk re-entry , the same issue
exists for De-Orbiting (see for example mission XR-SDR, Space
Debris Remediation) operations for the missions themselves and
for the Earth’s environment in the event of an accident.
Moreover such projects do not have currently a proper ROI
financial returns for investors.

Remains the management of the distance component with respect
to the earth, for the asteroids, very far from the earth which
is the case to 98% of the population of the asteroids
designated as industrial target.

Our Mission is fundamental for any later Colonization
(Mission XR-COL) and for the developing Space Industry
(Mission XR-SPACI).


Mission XR-PP)

All terrestrial Earth-Made chemistry concerning inorganic and
semi-organic chemistry , is based on the use of “normal water”
under terrestrial gravity according to standard conditions and
pressure with external medium N2 / O2.

These exceptional conditions favorable to the chemistry of
life and catalysis do not exist on the celestial objects which
surround us and therefore the classical chemical reactions are
not simply obtained or applied, a new CHEMISTRY must be born

PLASMA CHEMISTRY (LOW and HIGH temperature) (patents 2006)-USPTO
2016/PCT 2018 Phase)

Plasma chemistry will allow the extraction of rare gases (He,
Ar, Xe …) from lunar rocks or other planets, moons and
asteroids, but also the most important and vital raw material
of all WATER in different forms in rocks, sand or ice.

When the gravitational conditions are very far from the basic
Earth conditions, necessary to bring natural isotopes and ions
in contact with water, artificial centrifugal stations will be
proposed allowing the creation of chemical salts essential for
chemical engineering and biological and agronomic engineering.

Plasma chemistry makes it possible to create alloys and
chemical reactions in the absence of water, as happened on
certain planets including the earth at the very beginning of
the geochemical activities.

Water should be considered as a molecule with very
interesting thermodynamic properties.

Thermodynamic studies associated with MagnetoHydroDynamic MHD
conditions allow, depending on the magnetic susceptibilities
and Curie points, in order to select the best catalytic
species(included Ln3+) in order to seed the plasma including
to regulate the plasma LTE and PLTE zones.

These methods complement the reports described by NASA JPL
(materials processing 1981-82-83 and the PERT report
communicated to NASA-JPL in 1981-82 Christian Daniel Assoun as
adviser for JPL-NASA (W.H.Steurer- J.R.Carruthers).


When high-temperature or low-temperature plasma chemistry has
provided raw materials of technical purity, these raw
materials will be introduced on-site or transported to a
HELIOTORR (REFINING) Station (patent granted) for refining in
the various grades of purity required by manufacturers.

REFINING ON ASTEROIDS (patents 2006-2016-2020 USPTO/ 2018 PCT Phase)

The method of refining(on place) by plasma methods, isotopic
separations and selections is the only one applicable on

The deep space conditions in which asteroids are found are
fully adapted to isotopic separations.

Moreover, we will save 98% of the electrical expenditure of
the primary and secondary vacuum pumps and unmanageable
diffusion in deep space.

The perfect vacuum 10-13 torr existing already
there !!

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